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System Integration

Imitor Media (IM) is an independent systems integrator that delivers comprehensive, elegant and cost-effective solutions from initial project consultancy through to design, hardware and software sourcing, installation and integration, documentation, user training and, finally, to post-installation support.

Imitor Media’s integration services provide broadcasters with the flexibility and reassurance that all aspects of their project are being taken care of, under one roof. The Company focuses on providing end-to-end solutions from conception to Commissioning and handover. The spectrum of services offered starts from simple and specific solutions to complete, turnkey systems integration services for setting up totally new TV stations or channels, upgrading or modernizing existing ones and implementing signal distribution to new media. IM offers its on-site Systems Integration and engineering consultancy services to broadcasters throughout Nigeria and its role spans much more than that of even a Systems Integrator. It is characterized by extensive technical support and depth of commitment to every part of an operation.

Design Philosophy

We are not an equipment manufacturer or distributor that compels its hardware and workflows upon you but we create solutions that suit your workflows, your end broadcast requirements and your operating environment. We achieve this by listening to you. And we listen to your team. We understand your objectives. We understand your needs. We understand your dreams. And then we help you to realize them. That’s our name ’imitor’ replicating or coping your dream to reality

We know that no two stations’ requirements are the same. In reality, even within the same station, no two channels are the same. Each one has its own requirements, needs, peculiarities and its own idiosyncrasies. We understand all that and we assimilate it before we even start to design your system. We understand your budget, your timeframe, your commercial requirements, and your target viewership and so, we tailor our solution to you.

Imitor Media will design, install, integrate and implement a system that will be customized just for your requirements and needs. And guaranteed a smooth expansion paths in the future as you grow and your needs grow.

Value Engineering

We bring value engineering to the table which is about bringing more effective design philosophies to the solution. It is about removing the unnecessary and zeroing in on what is crucial; while keeping in mind the necessary redundancies essential to uninterrupted workflows.

Value engineering is about working closely with you from day one, interacting directly, to deliver a technically innovative solution that is not just cost-effective and workflow-efficient but one that meets the particular requirements of your station.

Installation & Handover

We have a large pool of technically qualified and extensively trained engineers. Their experience covers all aspects of telecast systems integration from acquisition to storage, media creation, playout and broadcast, archiving and distribution and to new media. Moreover, their specialisations cover a wide spectrum ranging from systems design to engineering, IP networking, hardware and component systems, cabling and wiring, troubleshooting and debugging. In any given project, these diverse manpower resources are led and coordinated by a dedicated project manager with complete responsibility from start to handover.

Testing and Commissioning

We test at every stage of installation; further comprehensive testing is conducted once the complete installation is in place. This is where our specialist broadcast knowledge and detailed insight into the intricacies of your system design and installation comes into play. It enables us to configure and test the complete setup – end- to- end – ironing out any faults, snags or hiccups and ensuring the system delivers on all the agreed specifications and performance parameters before we hand over.

At this stage, we encourage your teams – both the operative as well as engineering support – to take an active part in the commissioning. This will enable them to get a better understanding of the system, its components and their inter-dependencies, and the operational workflow.

Once we are both in agreement that the installed system or systems are operating as per the agreed workflows and that the installation is completed to our mutual satisfaction, we handover.

At this stage we also supply you with the detailed documentation relating to the system. This comprises comprehensive documentation regarding the system’s architecture which is essential for proper operational understanding as well as future expansion and modification.

Imitor Media, as part of their systems integration schedule can ensure that designated personnel are trained to operate the new systems and, moreover, are able to re-configure the system or individual equipment if required.

To this end we can work with you to organize suitable training for your personnel. This can be implemented on a one-to-one or group basis, in person or online. Further, this training can be instilled via several methods:

  1. Straightforward, operational classes
  2. High-level systems management classes
  3. In depth courses run by manufacturers

These can be included as part of the overall project, or as an individual service.

Maintenance & Support

Imitor media offers a number of support options to maintain the smooth running of your system. These are all scalable and aimed at meeting your particular requirements. In essence, they comprise:

  • Rapid-response telephone support
  • On-site technical support
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Installation of firmware/software updates – as and when required
  • Comprehensive maintenance options

A very strong and important feature of Imitor’s support services is the simple fact that the engineers who answer support calls are also the engineers that undertake installation and commissioning. Consequently, the engineer or engineers who arrive to attend your service call will, in all probability, be the same personnel who undertook your installation. In essence, what this means to you is the simple fact that our support team will already be well versed with your system. Which will result in faster identification of the problem; faster resolution; and hence, lower downtime and minimal disruption in your workflow.

Additionally, our support services can arrange the return, exchange, or repair of any defective equipment, and the dispatch of any onsite assistance needed for their reinstallation.