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Uplink Services

Uplinks service can be on permanent basis or Occasional Usage. Some customers are in a remote location and needs to transmit their service hence Uplink equipment ”Flyaway” brought to them.  With a portable Uplink IMITOR MEDIA can broadcast your signal from anywhere on the planet! Often times there are needs to broadcast remotely. If that is your situation, then let us bring these services to your event! Our technicians are trained experts in providing transportable  services.

IMITOR MEDIA offers C-and KU band Uplink Services Whether you need a permanent or portable Uplink Service, IMITOR MEDIA can manage this service from start to finish. IMITOR MEDIA has extensive knowledge and experience with ordering the correct type of truck, managing all technical aspects associated with the truck’s equipment, and ordering compatible satellite space to make sure the uplink is successful.

We offer a trained help desk (With people that have actually worked at an uplink facility.) which can handle any technical concerns that may arise. Make all of your Uplinks successful by using IMITOR MEDIA as a Turn Key Solution!